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so, you know technology has taken over the world when stuff like this happens:

so, i was taking orders at innout, when this guy comes up and hands me his cellphone and says "she's going to tell you what she wants."

and, i'm like...oook. He even told his friend my name, and she said, "hi lindsay!" like we were old friends. geez, she just wanted a hamburger.

oh, and during the vmas, there was this nike women's soccer commercial that was at the soccer fields at CSUF!! awesome!! i was like..."that's our school!!"

i went to IKEA with the roommates, had alot of fun. i love this year :)
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i totally saw that commercial. the one where it was like, the best team you'll never hear of or something? i thought that was totally fucked up.
and which ikea did you go to? the one off the 405? i LOVE that place.
Yes! totally that commercial! its funny because at one point it shows my dorm!

oh, and yes, it was the ikea off the 405.

its good to hear from you joe, i hope you are doing ok.
hahahaha.....that's hilarious. hahahahahaha!!!!!!

that's great.